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Dayne and I met in a gym in Jackson, Wyoming. I was an athlete there and she was an intern. We knew we wanted a future for ourselves with fitness at its center. In 2013, we moved over the Tetons to the Idaho side and opened a gym in Teton Valley. We dove headfirst into riding and also started attending some races.

It became apparent fairly quickly that we had way more fitness than actual riding skills. Our fitness not only helped us hold our own out on the trails but also helped to prevent major injuries from the unknown and unknowable. Over the years we practiced, attended clinics and camps to improve our riding skills, and met many passionate riders who loved riding but kept getting beat up and injured.

We saw that our community needed a strength and conditioning program fit for the demands of the ride. And so, Enduro Method was born. No frills, no wasted time, just a commitment to delivering quality training to those who are intent on being the best version of themselves, on and off the bike.

Muscle is Armor, come get you some.



I grew up in the foothills of central California. When I was young, all I wanted to do was ride dirt bikes. My parents did not fully endorse it. I moved into team sports and sold my dirt bike. During my athletic career, I fell in love with strength training, even when I was not actively participating in sports, I never went very long without getting into the gym.

Once team sports ran their course in college, after much time spent not attending classes, I moved to Wyoming, and shortly after...bought a dirt bike. I joined a gym in Jackson Hole, Wyoming that used to go by the name of Mountain Athlete. After 3+ years at Mountain Athlete, my girlfriend and I moved over to the Idaho side of the Tetons, and we started a strength and conditioning gym called Targhee Athletics in 2013.

I tried my hand competing in CrossFit and spent 4 years training with different coaches and different approaches. During that time I competed at three different CrossFit Regionals as an Individual. After 2017, I decided that I was no longer fired up to train to compete at that level in CrossFit, as it was cutting into the amount of time that I could dedicate to riding. I wanted to take riding more serious and do some racing. So I retired from trying to be the best at exercising, and began to focus more on riding, and training to enhance my experience on the bike. Long story short, I have been lifting weights and sprinting intervals my whole life, coaching others how to do it for 7, and doing some desert/enduro races for the past 3. I can attribute my fitness to a huge part of why I am able to enjoy riding the way I do, and I want to share that with as many people as I can.


  • Co-Owner of Targhee Athletics

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • Military Athlete programming Certification

  • Mountain Athlete programming Certification

  • 23rd place finish at the 2015 CrossFit Games West Regional

  • 10th place finish at the 2014 CrossFit Games Northwest Regional

  • 13th place finish at the 2012 CrossFit Games Northwest Regional

  • Outlaw Barbell Weightlifting Camp

  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified


  • 2021 King of The Motos

    • ​17th Overall

  • 2020 King of The Motos

    • 23rd Overall

  • 2019 Destry Abbott Camp

    • 3 day small group training

  • 2019 Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro

    • TKO Race 2 - 36th place

  • 2019 IRC Tire Enduro Fest

    • 12th Overall

  • 2019 Idaho City 100

    • Day 1 - A4 Vet 8th place

    • Day 2 - A4 Vet 6th place

  • 2018 & 2019 Silver Mountain Extreme
    Competitor A class

  • 2018 Idaho City 100

    • Day 1 - A4 Vet 8th place

    • Day 2 - A4 Vet 7th place

  • 2017 Idaho City 100

    • Day 1 - B4 Vet 1st place

    • Day 2 - B4 Vet 2st place



I grew up in Colorado playing team sports and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University. I did an internship after college that brought me to a gym in Jackson, Wyoming called Mountain Athlete. It was there that I met my boyfriend and business partner Josh.

Like most girls, I got into riding because my boyfriend suggested I get a dirt bike. Well, I had never ridden a dirt bike EVER fact my favorite story is taking a test ride on my first bike I purchased (2006 Honda CRF-X) and asking the salesman how to make it go. He laughed and told me to pull in the clutch and I simply asked “where’s the clutch?”…You can guess how it went from there. It was a STEEP learning curve, but I attribute my progression as a rider and the fact that I am still all in one piece to my strength,  fitness, and mental toughness. The dues I had paid in the gym, helped me become a more durable human being.

As a female, the physical capacity I have earned in the gym, more than anything, has given me more confidence on the bike. I am confident that I can pick it up without help, and endure long days in the mountains and even the occasional, accidental... “overnight rides” ;-).

To me fitness is the foundation from which I have the confidence to tackle extreme terrain. It is the foundation that allows me to practice riding, not just surviving. Without it I am sure I would have either given up the sport entirely or potentially gotten hurt.


  • Co-Owner of Targhee Athletics

  • Bachelors of Science in Health and Exercise from Colorado State University

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Precision Nutrition Certification

  • CrossFit Mobility

  • NorCal Movement Seminar

  • American Council on Exercise Certified Group Fitness Instructor

  • Outlaw Barbell Weightlifting Camp

  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified


  • First all-female team to complete A R'IDAHO TRUE GRIT Challenge

  • 2021 AMA Extreme Championship

    • 3rd Place Women's Pro - West Coast

    • 5th Overall

  • 2021 Silver Mountain Extreme

    • 3rd Place Women's Pro

  • 2021 Grinding Stone Extreme Enduro

    • 3rd Place Women’s Prp

  • 2021 Bentonite Brawl Hard Enduro

    • 1st Place Women's (tie)

  • 2021 King Of Motos

    • 3rd Place Women’s

  • 2020 King of the Motos

    • 2nd Place Women’s

  • 2019 EnduroFest

    • 1st Place Women’s

  • 2019 Idaho City 100

    • Day 1 First Place OA Women’s A

    • Day 2 Second Place OA Women’s A

  • 2018 Silver Mountain Extreme

    • 3rd Place Women's

  • Dirtastic Coach

  • USCMA Certified Coach


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