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Gym vs Home: Pros and Cons

No gym? Globo Gym? Home Gym? What is the best case scenario?

Do I have to have access to a gym, or have a home gym built out to make any gains toward getting in better shape and crushing personal goals in life and on the dirt bike? The answer is No.

Are you possibly limited in some areas that might otherwise be easier to progress if you had a gym at your fingertips? Yes.

Here are some thoughts on the Pros and Cons of working out with minimal to no equipment and with either having a home gym, or access to a gym, whether it be a CrossFit style gym, or globo style gym.

Home Gym (minimal to no equipment)


  • You can still get really fit without having a bunch of equipment

  • Low barrier to entry. Anyone can workout in a very small space

  • Do not have to travel to go workout

  • Do not have to pay for a gym membership

  • Workout in comfortable and familiar surroundings

  • You are in control of the music!

  • Can easily make “odd objects” such as backpack full of heavy things to add load to exercises


  • Limited in exercise selection because of loading options

  • Can be easy to not train because it is at home

  • Atmosphere, it can be easier to push yourself when you are surrounded with others doing the same

  • No full size mirror for instagram gym selfies

  • Mentioned above, but the biggest downside is the lack of exercise selection and loading options

Gym Access (A big selection of Free Weights, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Machines, etc..)


  • A wide variety of loading and exercise selection opportunities

  • Much easier to make progressive gains over time

  • A dedicated spot to workout. Harder to not workout when you are at a gym

  • Motivation. Others are there to make improvements as well

  • Access to thousands of dollars worth of equipment for a low monthly payment

  • Get you out of the house and comfort zone


  • Costs money

  • Maybe crowded and hard to use the equipment you want

  • Dealing with general gym fuckery. Odor’s, grunting, inappropriate gym attire, self absorbed folks dancing with their phones and not being respectful of others' space

  • Travel time to and from the gym

  • Hard to set up and use multiple pieces of equipment at once

The Holy Grail of Training (Home Gym!)

The best of both worlds is to slowly build out a space at home that allows you all the benefits of a gym experience with fewer downsides!


  • You can go crush weight whenever you want

  • No crowds

  • You are captain of the ship, music, vibe, attire (Maybe none?), self-expression

  • Investing in your health long term

  • Easy to add only the equipment you need

  • Make social arrangements built around working out with friends

  • Able to make all the continuous gains without witnessing all the gym Tom Foolery

  • All your friends can see that you have a home gym, so they know how serious you are about being in shape and taking life by the balls


  • Bigger upfront investment

  • Need a space to dedicate to crushing souls

Can I still make gains if I work out at home without a full gym setup? Yes

Is it as good as being able to have access to a wide range of equipment and loading options? No

Is it worth working towards building out a space at home to train, if I have the means?…100%

Here is a short Home Gym starter list:

  • Barbell and a selection of plates

  • 3-4 pairs of Dumbbells. Somewhere in the 10-35 pound range

  • Squat Rack

  • Plyo box

  • Freestanding bench

  • One piece of cardio equipment. Concept 2 Rower, Skier or Bike. Or a fan bike…Air Assault, Rogue Echo etc…

  • Pull up bar/Rings

What we offer in our Enduro Method online subscription, is an option to train with minimal to no equipment, we call this Gravity. Or our gym-based program, which we call Operator. They both run on the same fluid periodization plan, meaning we go through different 4-5 week blocks each with a different focus that continually builds a great range of fitness attributes over time.

You get both training options with one subscription. You also have access to three separate four-week On Ramp programs that are great to start with if you are just getting back into training, or are getting started for the first time.

We also offer 1-on-1 coaching if you are someone who wants and needs some specialization to their program because of specific events, nutrition or physical limitations (injuries), etc. If this is something you are interested in simply reply to this email.







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