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The Bentonite Brawl with Evan Ask & Casey VonOlnhausen

Enduro Method Podcast Episode 025

Evan Ask & Casey VonOlnhausen Talk About The Bentonite Brawl

Today on the show we have two special guests, Evan Ask and Casey VonOlnhausen. They will be hosting “The Bentonite Brawl” Round 2 of the AMA US Hard Enduro Series at the Billings Motorcycle Club in Billings, Montana on May 1.

Round 2 of the US Hard Enduro Series “The Bentonite Brawl” is fast approaching, and we discuss it all on today’s show. We talk about course setup and obstacles, the optimal tire and set up, and make some jokes that don’t land about how to save weight on your bike set up.


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